Balloon Locator

In December we celebrate the birth of Jesus at our church with a Birthday Party in His honor. Our children release balloons as a gift to Him and to send the message of His love to others.  Before releasing the balloons, we pray that God would select the people He really wanted to receive this message.  On each balloon we attach a card with a tracking number and asked the recipient to call, email or fill out a form on our website and tell us where they found their balloon. This map will be updated regularly with the locations of our found balloons as we get information in to the church. Check back often, your balloon may be the next one found. To log a balloon that you have found please click here.


Found Balloons

This map is marked with all the places that our balloons have been found so far. It is viewed better if you click the link under it to open it in a new window or use the navigation buttons to zoom out.

View FBC Reeltown Balloon Release map in a larger map

Balloon #:                       Found in:                                      Released By:

    2023B                                 Lawrenceville, Ga                                              Branton S.
    2007C                                 Cropwell, Al                                                       Jenna S.
    1230A                                 Opelika, Al                                                          Will C.  
    1241B                                 Cochran, Ga                                                      Debra L. 
    1242C                                 Harris County, Ga                                             Unknown
     1340                                  Ridgeland, SC                                                   Leisha S.